CMP NEWBORN - Baby Fletcher
Saturday, April 08, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities..." Eda J. LaShan


There is nothing like walking in to a home that has just added it's newest family member.  Usually the mom is running around, stressed to the max,sometimes with wet hair apologizing profusely about being late. Dad is either busy getting the other child ready or trying to take care of the baby while mom gets ready...Not sure of what to do and hoping he is doing it right. The parents just keep apologizing, like having the baby is interrupting my schedule somehow.

The best thing I can do in this moment for them is to put my camera down and grab that little tiny human off their hands.  Give mom a chance to dry her hair and get dressed, put some make up on and maybe feel like a human again.  Give dad a chance to get outside and take a deep breath of fresh air, stress free.

And, I mean, I get to hold a newborn.  I get to look at those tiny finger and toes, listen to the soft breaths from their perfect mouths....Who doesn't want to do that!

I have been called a baby whisperer numerous times. I think it is because they can feel how much I love them from the instant I see them. I mean, who doesn't love a baby!!!


Meeting baby Fletcher was an exact case of all of the above. Mom was trying to clean the house, get herself and the baby ready, all while holding the him, while dad was upstairs with a very unhappy big sister Allie, their 2 year old who had just woken from her afternoon nap. All while this was going on, mom was apologizing. 

I mean, why? 

I immediately took tiny Fletcher into my arms and told mom to go get ready. "Take your time", I said. I got him. I sat in their living room and just rocked him. Sure he fussed, sure he even cried, but I just sat there and talked to him. Sang to him. ...Let mom and dad take a minute.

This is a home lifestyle session. Every detail, every moment I document. And I love it.

Allie eventually warmed up to me and by the time I left she ran across the room to give me a hug. That meant the world to me. That is why I do what I do.

Here are some adorable photos from their session!

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