My Kids are CRAZY!
Friday, May 12, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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The phone call started off like this:

"So listen, I just want 1 good photo.  My kids, they are nuts.  They destroy, they run, they are CRAZY."

This mom was awesome.  Let me tell you why.

She told me the truth, straight off the bat. She told me her kids were hard, and laughed about it. That was the best part. She had the best sense of humor I have ever come across in a parent. She knew her kids would be hard to capture and warned me about it. And that is all I needed.

We were originally scheduled to have a creek session, but because of all the rain I nixed that real quick.  I didn't need her children floating away.....

So we decided to keep it at her home.

I arrived and was instantly greeted with doggies kisses, and instant humor from both mom and dad.  They were "for real" fun.  They made me not want to leave and just banter back and forth with them, maybe have a drink in their backyard over a bonfire. They were so welcoming.

This is their first child.....My greeter. Isn't he adorable!

We were celebrating 2 birthdays!  "R" was turning THREE, and "B"  had turned ONE a week prior! (He shares the same birthday as my daughter!)

We decided to keep it simple, to be able to catch the boys in their own element. Mom went out and grabbed some balloons and a really cute sign, and I brought the rest.


It started off as expected. "B" climbed everywhere, played with the balloons, while "R" tried to steal the attention and then was being a stinker....He wasn't sure if he liked me or not and tried to avoid my camera.

But you know what, we had FUN!  For real.. I TRULY had fun with these guys!  And you know what?  I GOT THEM.  I got more than just 1 photo for mom.

By the end of the session, I was "R's" best friend.  He was taking me by the hand to explore the woods with him behind their home. I was his newest buddy.

That was pretty cool. 


Moms, have no worries. You already have enough pressures getting everyone ready.  Let me handle the stress of the session for you.

I will get them, I promise. 

I have fun. True, genuine fun with your kids and once they realize that, the rest is pure magic.


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