She Can't be a Senior!
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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I live in a very small community in Washington County Pa.

In this community, everyone knows everyone. It kind of reminds me of that small town in the movie Doc Hollywood, only a little less country.....Well.....I'm still deciding on that one.


Macy is my neighbor. In our small housing development, Macy is probably only 1 of maybe 10 kids that are in high school. The rest of the kids that live here are all still in the elementary school.

I haven't really taken many Senior photos so when her mom contacted me, I was very excited!

We started off at the flower field on a beautiful sunny evening.

Macy is the definition of perfect.

She is one of those girls that is friends with everyone.  She is kind and generous to anyone she meets. She is also super smart and wants to go to school for nursing.

She would be the perfect nurse for someone. I can totally see her in that profession.



Macy asked for two different looks to her photos.

So we went soft and girly with the flower field, and then we went rough and gritty with the downtown shoot.

We had a blast and even met a few characters along the way....that is a story for another day! Lookout for those boys Macy!


We ended up in the Strip District in the City of Pittsburgh.

Soo many nooks and crannies to shoot, we just walked around to see what we could find.

I think we did good!




Good luck on your last year of High School, Macy!

You will be great, and I am so excited to watch you grow and become a nurse!

You have a fantastic demeanor and your parents are doing an incredile job in raising you into a beautiful young woman.  Inside and out.  Truly.

They should be very proud!


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