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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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I have to start this post out by saying this.

Have you ever met someone and just clicked? Like, it's almost like looking into a mirror and instead of seeing the same reflection of your face, you see the same reflection of your personality?

Too deep?

I met Gina and her husband through a very good friend of mine.  My "sister" as I call her. 

This amazing, mutual friend of ours sent Gina to me with stellar reviews to have her maternity photos taken.

We met at my second home (the flower field) on an oddly cold evening in August and I immediately hit it off with her.  She opened the door of the car, got out and said "Jesus Christ it is cold out today!"

I knew right at that second, this session was going to be soo much fun!

They also brought their doggie, Ruby.  If you know me, you know that I was once a vet tech and I LOVE animals! I was so excited to start shooting!



Ruby, did great. She photographed beautifully and even sat still for me.

For those of you that think that dogs are not human like with their emotions...I am just going to leave this photo here for you to view.

I think Ruby had enough of me taking her photo.....

After shooting for about a half hour in this outfit I asked Gina if she had any dresses.

BOY!  Did she!

She proceeded to open up the back hatch of their SUB and had choices beyond choices.  And while they were all beautiful, I just wasn't getting that "Photographer eye excitement" over the choices.

Then she stated "Oh, my friend lent me this dress and I am not sure about it." She proceeded to pull out this huge red ball of fabric from her bag.

I felt tears come to my eyes.  THIS WAS IT! It was GORGEOUS!!



Guys, Gina is stunning.  I mean....just absolutely breathtaking.....LOOK AT HER!!!!!

It was such an honor to meet Gina and her beautiful family.

And Congratulations on their first baby!

She is due at the end of October with a baby...................................................GIRL!!!!!!



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