What is LIFESTYLE Photography?
Friday, April 07, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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I have to say that "lifestyle" portraits are quickly becoming my favorite.

Especially with newborns and their families.

See, there are all kinds of photographers out there. 

Some of us pose the babies in intricate baskets and blankets with bonnets.  (Which I have done) Some of us use flowers and wreaths. (Which I have also done)

Some of us have huge setups with bean bags, heaters and sound machines......and they are all stunning photos!!!





Then there are some of us (like myself) that just shoot lifestyle.  We use natural light and the coziness of your homes to our advantage.  We nab those specific details of the nursery that you worked so hard to create. We grab those smiles between a brother and sister, or the loving looks between a mom and dad....Walking into your home after you have added the newest member is magical!




Lifestyle sessions are the new trend. Let's shoot the kids making a pancake breakfast for mom and dad!  Let's shoot the kids at the playground having a picnic!  How about we take photos at your child's riding lesson to catch those teeny details that you may miss because you are there every single time...

Soo many ideas to put into motion!


Contact me today to schedule your lifestyle session.  If you have an idea, lets make it happen and put it on your wall!


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