Hello There!



 My name is Christine, and I am the owner and photographer here at Christine Marie Photography.

I am a mom to two beautiful girls, Gracie (9) and Rosie (4), and pet mom to one mischievous cat named Ginger.

Photography, to me is storytelling. It is a memory preserved.  An emotion captured. My favorite images are those that make the viewer feel something real and good. I want the viewer to feel as though they were a part of that moment. My goal is to provide you and your family with portraits that you will love today and cherish tomorrow for all these reasons.

 We all know that they are only little for a little while. An image has that ability to take you back. It can remind you of the way that the sand and sunscreen smelled when you got that hug at the beach.  The way her curls bounced as she twirled in the sunlight or how their giggles danced through the air playing on a summer night. The way their little fingers wrapped so perfectly around your own.....

 I feel honored that I have a job which allows me the opportunity to document such precious and cherished moments of your life.

I also work with stylists of all kinds to make your experience unique and fun!  If you have an idea for a session, I  can do my best to make it happen!

To get more of a feel of my style of photography, I invite you to stick around and browse though my website, follow me on Instagram, peruse my Pinterest Board, and Follow me on Facebook!