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Saturday, June 10, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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Each year I give out a certain amount of Gift Certificates. They go to organizations to raise funds for Chinese Auctions, to raise money for cancer survivors and victims, and much much more.  Maybe I give out more than I should, but I like to do it. I feel like my community gives so much to me, and this helps me give back to them as well.

I have never said no. Anyone that has ever approached me, I have always donated. And I am proud of that.  I am proud that I can do something good for someone, even if it is only taking their photos.

My most recent winner won their certificate at a fundraiser for a local mom that is bravely battling cancer.

I was welcomed into their home with smiles and excitement. They had just had a baby and we were going to be doing some lifestyle newborn shots.




At only 3 years of age, their little girl "D " is already a spitfire!  She was full of smiles and laughter. She couldn't wait to show me her bedroom filled with toys and everything pink. We had to take some shots of just her. I mean, she is the 1st child!

Meet Sarah the doggie, And Sarah the fox, and oh yes, Sara the Barbie!!!  Everybody is named Sara!! 



And then she introduced me to her little baby brother "D".

And what an adorable amount of baby he is. At birth he weighed in at 10 pounds!!

She is a VERY proud big sister!!!


This family is just one of the sweetest I have ever met.  And to top if off, the dad is a police officer.  A hero in blue. As if they couldn't get any sweeter, now they present me with Dad's work gear to take photos with. What an honor!

You guys, have you ever lifted a bullet proof vest!  I mean, holy cow they are heavy!  And these guys wear them everyday!

So we of course had to have fun with that!





I have to say Thank you to the Utchel Family for a lot. 

Thank you for going out to an event to support another local family in need. I love that about our small community! We stick together!

Thank you for allowing me to come into your home a few weeks after making that huge transition from 1 child to 2. I remember those days and how bone tired I was. Mommy, you are doing a FANTASTIC job. It gets easier, I promise!

Thank you to Dad.  For being there for their mom and helping.  You are hands on. That little man of yours, he is going to be a total daddy's boy! I am calling it now!

Thank you for going out into the world each and everyday, wearing that heavy vest to protect and serve. You are a hero in blue!

And thank you to little "D". You did a great job today! I mean that! You are going to be a fantastic big sister! Give your Saras a hug for me!  And thank you for waving goodbye to me out your front window as I left! You are such a sweetheart, I was sad to leave you too. :)


Thank you again Utchel Family!!


OH, and GO PENS!!!!


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