What are you REALLY paying for??
Friday, February 24, 2017
By Christine Marie Photography
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Let me ask you a question.

If someone put a cup of Starbucks in front of you for $7.00 or a cup of Joe Schmo's Coffee for $2.00, which would you pick?

Most would say the Starbucks.  Why? Because they know the brand, they know it's good.  They know that they are going to get what they pay for.

If you chose Joe Schmo, you have to admit it's because of the price.  BUT, what will you receive for that $2.00?  Good taste, eh.  I doubt it. A nice cup, doubt that too....Good service...maybe.

I give you this example because I recently had a client come to me in tears.  See, she paid a measly $75.00 for her daughter's 1st birthday photos.  She was told that it included the session AND her photos on a CD, and that she would also get the rights to the photos. So she did it, I mean what a great deal right??


After she was presented the photos, (that she didn't really like) she was told that if she wanted them it would be another $75.00.

This client was devastated.  See, this is her first baby.  Her first little girl. She has "pinterest-ed" the crap out of everything for her. Her birthday party is going to be awesome, and she wanted the photos to go with it.

So when she was told something different after this "photographer" pocketed her money and blocked her on Facebook, she was literally in tears, contacting me.

She was livid.  She was devastated. She was at her wits end. All she wanted was good service and a few nice photos of her daughter.

So what did I do?  I took her daughter's photos that night and told her, you pay me what you can and we will fix it. We will make it right and get you the photos you want.

I did this because I have been in her shoes, I have seen many moms in her shoes and it just breaks my heart. I did this because she is my neighbor and this is her first little girl.  She will only get these 1st birthday pictures once!I did it because I was going to be home and doing nothing anyway, and I had the choice to sit at home, or do something good for someone....

I warn you all.....There are people out there that think just because they have a "nice" camera, they can charge you. And it is starting to REALLY irk me. My neighbor is just one of a handful that have contacted me about this.

I beg you. Please do your homework before you hire someone. I don't care if you hire me, and by no means am I the best. I also will tell you that. For example, I don't do weddings. Because I am not comfortable shooting weddings.  I mean, that is a SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT DAY! I can't screw that up because I lack experience in that certain field of photography. I won't be selfish and take your money because I have experience elsewhere and a nice camera.... So I am not going to do it.   But I am also learning it so that I can answer yes to the 5 emails a week I get for weddings inquiries....

Do I charge more?  HELL YES!  Am I Starbucks?  Not yet, but I am on my way....

And just to give this post a happy ending, here are some of my photos from the 1st birthday girl's session. A quick 30 minute session yielded these adorable photos that mom can now hang proudly on her wall in her new house, and display with excitement at her party.

Happy 1st Birthday, baby H!






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